Mar 7, 2016

Spin Spin Spin

As established last year, I like to make goals for the year. Fun goals. Goals that further my enjoyment of life and legitimize my avoidance of housework. This year, my goal is spinning. Or perhaps better put, the theme of my year is spinning.

I love spinning, but much like a middle child, it always comes in second to my first, true love of knitting. It just never hold the number one slot when it comes to crafting priority. There is no problem with this, but I thought it would be fun to prioritize spinning for a year. More accurately, my fiber stash is overflowing, I keep buying fucking fleeces, and I have no where to put all this damn fluff. Yay spinning!

I will still be knitting (please, I've already finished a sweater...). Part of my "year of spinning" is also to prioritize knitting with handspun (you had to ask... no, the sweater I finished is not out of handspun). Spinning, however, is taking the controls and driving this crazy train for the time being.

So far, aside from agreeing to test knit a sweater that took all of my available crafting time away for a month, spinning is winning!

The above is some absolutely delicious Shetland/silk that I picked up from Greyside Gardens at The Fiber Event at Greencastle last year. I spun it up into a 2-ply laceweight, and about 1500 yards. I am currently knitting it up into a Spirit of Guernsey Shawl. It is so very squishy. The Fiber Event is coming up next month. I suspect this little dent in my stash will get filled in rather quickly...

This pile of greenish gold is also of the Shetland variety, and it is also a fiber festival acquisition from last year. This is 100% Shetland, from a ewe named Amy, dyed with red and yellow onion skins by the lovely Benita from Dyed in the Wool. I adore her booth at fiber festivals (I saw her at the Michigan Fiber Fest and the Ann Arbor Fiber Expo last year). She not only has a huge selection of roving from hand-picked fleeces of all different breeds, but she created a big board of delight:

This was at her last event of the year, so several were sold out, but look! A bit of the roving, a spun up sample, and a swatch! For some breeds she even had a felted swatch. It is because of this board that she has all of my money. So brilliant. Amy was a board-inspired impulse purchase, and will be paired with another board-inspired purchase: a light, silvery grey Cotswold/BFL cross named Hershey. My plan is a striped sweater of some sort. I have finished spinning Amy, and have ~1400 yards of a sporty fingering (13wpi, right between the two, depending on whom you believe). Now it is Hershey's turn. 

Here we are in the third month, and I have around 2,600 yards of (lightweight!) spinning to show. I confess that the Greyside Gardens was about halfway finished at the start of the year, but that hardly matters. I am focusing on my spinning and enjoying it immensely! 

Let's not talk about the fleece that just arrived in the mail.

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