Mar 21, 2016

Social Media + No Impulse Control = BUY ALL THE FLEECES

I fell down.

I had 7 fleeces in my possession that need spinning. SEVEN. Now I have nine. But I swear: it's not my fault! Instagram is to blame. Also Facebook.

It is shearing time across the country, and with shearing comes photos of fleeces on social media. As it turns out, if a photo of gorgeous fleeces get posted, I am forced to whip out my credit card and go to town.

This was the first one. Ranching Traditions posted some pics on Instagram of their sickeningly gorgeous Targhee/Rambouillet fleeces. Thought it wouldn't hurt to look at their website a bit. One 9lb fleece later... sigh.

What I love about Ranching Traditions is that they have their wool graded, and include a bunch of information in their online shop, so you know what you are getting, which is tricky to do in online fleece purchasing. Plus they have some great deals on fleeces with shorter staple-lengths (I atoned for my sins by enabling a friend into one of those - sinners love company).

Two days later, one of my favorite Rhinebeck vendors posted pics from the shearing of their Finn flock. So this happened:

I regret nothing. The color of this fleece is so beautiful, and that crimp... oh that crimp! This is from Point of View Farm (if you want a grey fleece, you have to email), and it is by far the cleanest fleece I've ever purchased. It is AH-MAZE-ING.

Ok, so now I have nine fleeces. The Targhee/Rambouillet is already boxed up and about to be mailed to the mill. I am going to have it washed/carded/spun into a 3-ply worsted, which I will use for dyeing fun. I'm not a monster, though. I did grab a few handfuls before boxing it up for spinning purposes. I washed the locks, and having been flicking them open.

fluffy little clouds of soft

I am spinning them up on my little Jenkins finch, with no real plan for what yarn it will become (2-ply maybe? n-ply? we'll see!). This is purely pleasure-spinning:

The Finn is in the process of being washed, and I will drop it off with a mill when I head down to The Fiber Event at Greencastle next month (before which I will hopefully muster some impulse-control and not bring my total number of fleeces into the double-digits). It will be carded into roving and filed under "fleeces to be spun."

My name is nelago, and I have a problem. 


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