Feb 9, 2015

The First Mile

 Recap of the first mile of my year-long half-marathon of FOs:

You've already seen my Rare Breeds Rockaway. A little bit more about it: Knit primarily with some absolutely amazing yarn I purchased at Rhinebeck, this bulky jacket is my new love. I still haven't managed to get the husband to take a good photo of me wearing it, so here is a painfully awkward selfie instead:

The yarn is amazing. The grey and brown are both from The Ross Farm - the grey is Leicester Longwool and the brown is Shetland. The Shetland came from a ram named Boris, which just provides me with such joy - both knowing the name of the sheep that gave me such beautiful wool and also that his name provokes impromptu Boris & Natasha impersonations in our house. The white is also Leicester Longwool, from Maple Frost Farm. I feel good wearing this jacket. Not just because it is an excellent and warm garment, but because I know that the wool came from happy sheep and that my knitting this sucker helped in a very small way to support small farmers focused on rare breed sheep. 

Pattern: Rockaway by Jared Flood
Yards: 1,450
Happiness level: more than a woodpecker in a lumber yard

Onwards: Hugo.

I have little to say about Hugo, other than that he is big, squishy and well-loved by my nephew. He was a birthday present for him, and a total winner. My niece has already requested hers (which was of course already in the queue for her).

Yarn: Knit Picks Biggo in Green Tea Heather
Yards: 330
Happiness level: clam

There we have it: the first mile of yarn. I'm well into the second mile, and if I finish the sweater I am currently working on soon, I might be dipping into the third! I need to average 1.09 miles per month, and so far it seems I am on track!

P.S. I should also mention that I added another goal to my year by signing on to Tin Can Knits' 12 sweaters in 12 months challenge KAL. Thankfully, baby sweaters count! More info here, should you like to join the madness

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