Feb 22, 2015

Mile 2

Mile 2 is eating my dust! What a satisfying mile this was. I dug out a sweater that had been sitting in my UFO bin for years and pushed myself to finish it. I honestly cannot say why it was snoozing for so long - it's a lovely pattern in an amazing yarn. Finishing up a project that has been languishing since 2012 gives me a significant feeling of accomplishment; finishing up a sweater that looks absolutely smashing provides added joy!

I am freezing my tits off in these photos, but I do love this sweater! The neckline was a beast to knit - very hard on my poor hands - but ultimately worth the pain. The welt before the ribbing adds such a poshness to the whole sweater that I foresee myself adding this to future sweaters.

Yarn: Wollmeise DK in Petersilie
Yards: 1473

I also finished a pair of socks that had also been a bit of a monkey on my back, albeit for not nearly as long as the sweater. I wanted the highly variegated yarn to shine, so I went with a basic vanilla sock. I think my plan succeeded!

The photo does not do this colorway justice.

Pattern: plain vanilla with a 2x1 rib on the leg
Yarn: a glorious old label Wollmeise Twin in Türkis und Karneol
Yards: 383

Lastly, a few smaller projects to round out the second mile:

A wee troll hat for a friend's newborn. The pattern is for a larger baby using worsted, so I scaled it down a bit using DK. It's delightful when modeled on an actual baby rather than my macadamia wood bowl. 

Pattern: Troll by Gabriela Widmer-Hanke
Yarn: Wollmeise DK in Elsa
Yards: 103

This little number was the epitome of instant gratification. I knit it up in about a day, got to play with neon pink beads, and ended up with a very wearable and cute bracelet. This will not be the last of these... 

Pattern: Ribband by Laura Nelkin
Yarn: Three Irish Girls Adorn Sock in Carey
Beads: Toho Luminous Neon Pink 6/0
Yards: 20ish

And there we have it! Mile 2 is in the books halfway through February, sweater #2 of 12 is also counted, and two WIPs have been whipped! Pretty damn good, if I may say so myself. 

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