Jan 13, 2015


A short post involving muggles exposed to yarny nonsense. 

Tomorrow is my birthday. This year, I decided that all I want is specific yarns for specific projects from my new obsession: Blacker Yarns. So I sent an email detailing such to the husband and the parents (have edited out all the links - for those new to the game, links are key to actually getting what you want):

Wish List:

16 balls Norfolk horn
1 ball blacker classic Aran in turquoise
1 ball Hebridean/Manx Aran

19 balls Isles of Scilly Jacob guernsey

15 balls Castlemilk DK moorit
2 balls Cotswold DK

18 balls Galway Aran

3 balls Gotland dark grey 4-ply
3 balls Gotland mid grey 4-ply

My dad opened the email while I was in his presence, and this was his reaction:

"What the...? What language is this?! STROKKUR! NORFOLK HORN! ARAN! MANX! HUT HUT HUT!"

My muggle dad truly believes yarn/pattern names would make for excellent football calls. It's hard to argue with him...

Jan 9, 2015

New Year, New Goals

Ignore the fact that 2015 is already over a week old. I've spent that week + down with the plague that seems to be making the rounds right now. I'm still recovering, but am at least human enough to type. Whether or not I can write in complete sentences and catch typos is still questionable.

Anyway. Happy New Year! The tradition for a new year is to vow adamantly to completely remake yourself, spend a few weeks making yourself miserable to this end, only to give up in an epic binge of netflix, oreos and beer... in other words, resolutions. I don't do resolutions. In fact, I hate the idea of resolutions. Figuring out what is wrong with me and pledging to change, knowing full well I will fail is a TERRIBLE way to kickstart a year. That being said, I do love me some yearly goals.

Don't start with me - goals are totally different from resolutions. A resolution is something that you will do to fix something wrong. A goal is something you will work towards achieving, and can by used for any part of your life. Sure, it's basically just semantics, and fuzzy semantics at that. I blame years and years of people resolving to lose weight, go to the gym, not drink so much, not swear so much, and other completely un-fun things. Resolutions = doing unpleasant shit you hate to somehow make yourself "better."

So, my goals! I have two of them, and they revolve around knitting, obviously.


This past year, I completed 27 projects for a total of 16,902 yards. That's 9.6 miles. Not bad, really. But not a half marathon. This year, I will knit a half marathon. 13.1 miles of yarn. 23,056 yards. And when I finish, you better bet your ass I will be putting one of those obnoxious, self-congratulating stickers on my fucking car.

My rules are the same as they were for last year's projects: Project must be completed for the yardage to count. Doesn't matter when the project was started, only matters that it was completed in 2015.

2. Rhinebeck sweaters

No, not that Rhinebeck sweater. I'm talking sweaters made out of yarn purchased at Rhinebeck. I have now been two years, and have amassed six SQs (sweater quantities) in those visits. I am planning on going again this year, and it would to be a lot harder to justify buying shitloads of yarn when I have six SQs sitting at home. So my second goal for the year is to knit up all my Rhinebeck sweaters (or as many as possible). On deck:

  1. Rockaway by Jared Flood - Ross Farm Fibers Leicester Longwool, Shetland, and Maple Frost Farm Leicester Longwool
  2. Bailey's Irish Cream by Thea Colman - Foxhill Farm Cormo DK
  3. Castle Pullover by Cecily Glowik MacDonald - O-Wool Balance
  4. Reilly Pullover by Triona Murphy - Johanneshof Yarns Romney
  5. Fisherman's Daughter by Carol Sunday - Ross Farm Fibers Jacob Worsted
  6. TBD - O-Wool Legacy Bulky
I'm well on my way! Today I finished up the Rockaway:

This is it blocking! Better (non-phone) pics will come later. Needless to say, one Rhinebeck sweater down. 1,450 yards logged. Let's do this!