Dec 5, 2013


This is where I post what everyone who has ever had a blog has posted: apologies for not blogging for so very long.

I wish I could say it is because I have been too busy, but it isn't. Perhaps it is because I haven't been knitting? Nope, been doing that. Nothing interesting has happened? Well, maybe, but really no. I blame my iPhone. Yep, you read that right. Since getting an iPhone almost two years ago, I have become so very lazy about taking photographs of my knitting. Without lovely photographs, I didn't feel like I could blog about said knitting. So yeah, the iPhone made me do it... er, not do it.

What has happened in the last million months since I last blogged? Well, we've moved. Again. As a result, I have learned that it is incredibly difficult to meet people when you move to a new (tiny) town, work from home, don't have kids and never go to church. It's actually pretty depressing, especially when you are already down in the dumps about the move to begin with. Thank the heavens for knitting! The knit/crochet group I am in here is utterly wonderful! I know it sounds pathetic, but Monday nights with these gals is what gets me through the week otherwise filled with loneliness. In other words, I would be a puddle of misery if it weren't for knitting. YAY KNITTING!

Other news:

  • I have caught the bug that has claimed so many knitters before me, and am now a bonafide spinner. My spinning wheel even has footprints on it, which some might say only indicates that I have dirty hobbit feet, but which I claim shows use. 
  • My workplace was yarn bombed. 
  • Our new location allows me to enter a state fair, which our old location did not. So shortly after getting my new license, I entered the Indiana State Fair. It is an incredible fair, and I did quite well! Three honorable mentions, one third place, two seconds and one first! The first place was in knitting handspun, which was so surprising, as it was probably my least impressive item. Oh well. I am already plotting for next year...
  • I have successfully knit several sweaters! Go me! 
  • I went to the mecca of fiber fun in N. America: Rhinebeck (aka New York Sheep & Wool Festival). It was as magical as everyone says, and I am head-over-heels in love with the event. 

Some photos of what I have been up to:

Andy the monster hiding out in a display at the museum

Evenstar shawl, knit in Wollmeise Lace-Garn, color: Himbeere (this won second at the state fair)

A bunch of wollmeiseholics at Rhinebeck

Gothic Moss knit in Grant Creek Yarns
Cushy Merino, color: Persia Purple

Knitting on the beach in Hawaii. Did I mention? We went to Hawaii.
It was amazing. I'm still surprised I came home.

Yarn. That I made. Alpaca/silk blend from Camelot Fibers, colorway: Northern Lights.
A total dream to spin. Ended up with a laceweight (which still shocks me!)

One of the knits for xmas this year. This hunting hat (The Plucky Knitter Sweater, Hunter's Safety colorway)
is going to my nephew. His dad will get a matching one. 

That about does it. And of course, the obligatory "I'll post more often! I swear!" ending to this post. I'll post more often. Promise. No, really. WHY WON'T YOU BELIEVE ME?!

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