Jun 7, 2012

the one where knitters win the war

In attempt to not be extremely crabby when I get to work after my long commute, I have employed two strategies: 1. My ginormous Biggby coffee mug and 2. listening to knitting podcasts. I feel like I may be the last person in the world to jump on the podcast bandwagon, but I’m used to that feeling. I was late to the Harry Potter party, late to the Buffy bash, late to the wollmeise wooly love fest, late to just about anything that I am totally obsessed with. Clearly, I could never be a hipster, as can only ever say “oh, I was a fan after ___ got popular.” Side note: hipsters seem to pride themselves on being too hip to follow the sheep-like crowds (they are “independent thinkers”), and yet are awfully conformist within their own “non-conformist” group. Sorry hipsters, but anytime you have a group that all wears the same clothes, likes the same music, reads the same literature, etc., you have a flock of sheep (and since when was it bad to be sheep? sheep are awesome! they’re cute and they give us wool!). So don’t pretend you’re all authentic, non-mainstream and above the masses, for you resemble Gleeks more than you do Jack Kerouac.

Anyway, where was I before my rambling about hipsters…? Ah yes, podcasts! I was a little skeptical about knitting podcasts, since there is a rather pronounced visual element to knitting (not to mention tactile importance).  Sometimes not being able to see what is going on is a little frustrating, but I have fallen in love with several podcasts nonetheless!

I’ve been listening to the Knitmore Girls, which is thoroughly charming (and having a German mother myself makes it that much more endearing), CaithnessCraftCollective, which is getting me all amped up about our upcoming family trip to Scotland, and the Savvy Girls Podcast, which often has me in hysterical laughter. When I heard Melanie of the latter talk about her knitting CD, I just had to look it up on iTunes. It is amazing! The songs are all WWI-era songs about knitting for the war effort. Some are sweet, some are a little sad, and some are downright hilarious (in particular the one about the husband whose pants keep falling down because his wife/daughter are too busy knitting for soldiers to sew a button back on!). Melanie has talked about the research that went into this collection, by herself and others, which just makes me even more smitten with this album. I work in the archives field, so it is really rewarding to see someone use materials from archives for something SO FUCKING COOL (sorry genealogists, your work is interesting and all, but a CD of wartime knitting songs is an infinitely more marvelous use of archival research).

So go listen to the podcasts above (those four of you who aren’t already…), buy Melanie’s album ("Knitting All The Day" by Melanie Gall, available on iTunes!), and recommend more podcasts to me. Please. It’s a long drive, and I haven’t yet mastered knitting while driving… 


Anonymous said...

Ah, if you are listening while driving, you may appreciate this one, who podcasts while driving! I heard about her on Knitmore Girls, I think (we've "crossed paths" in a few different ravelry / podcastscircles: http://commuterknitter.blogspot.com/

(read about your review on SavvyGirls, my personal favorite)

Louise said...

Thankyou for the kind words!

Its really nice to hear from listeners and even better to see what work they get up to.

Greetings from Scotland.

Louise from Caithness Craft Collective

Jasmin said...

Melanie is SO talented! I just love her singing.

(Also, thank you for listening, and your kind words.:) )

nelago said...

Commuter Knitter is officially on my podcast list! She's a Notre Dame grad! YAY DOMERS!!!