Jun 21, 2012

Apology. Look it up.

So, the USOC has issued an "apology" - read it here - for The Letter. Not exactly what I'd call a big fucking apology. More of an "oooh, sorry you're upset honey, would it make you feel better to knit me something?"

My favorite part:

"To show our support of the Ravelry community, we would welcome any handmade items that you would like to create to travel with, and motivate, our team at the 2012 Games."

You support us by allowing us to create and send you handmade items?! Your apology and show of support consists of ASKING FOR FREE SHIT?! Are you fucking high?!

My second favorite part: the claim that the C&D is "standard-form." Either they are lying (which makes the most sense to me, given that the rather specific details regarding Ravelympics and the rather specific insult of us denigrating the games and disrespecting the athletes) which makes them patronizing, lying piles of shit, or they are telling the truth, and are actually that arrogant and stupid to use such an incredibly poorly-worded and offensive "standard-form C&D." I'm not really sure which is worse.

Third favorite part: "We embrace hand-crafted American goods..." which equates to "We don't hate knitters, seriously, some of our best friends are crafters!"

Needless to say, I'm still waiting for my big fucking apology. Boycott continues.

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