May 30, 2012

let the games begin!

For several years, I have been going to county fairs and the (now defunct) state fair, looked at all the pretty knitted stuff and the ribbons, and faithfully promised that next year I will enter something! For several years, I have failed/forgotten to do so. This year, I’m more on top of things. Not totally on top, just more. I have actually been thinking a lot since the start of the year about what I might enter. Socks, obviously, but which patterns/yarn specifically. I never came up with anything, but at least it was on my mind, right?

Well, I finally looked up what all needs to happen to enter this past weekend (and a good thing I did, as one of the deadlines is this week! Told you I wasn’t totally on top of things…), and started making a plan. I am entering into three different county fairs (my own county doesn’t have one, because it is lame, so I’m going with the three surrounding counties), and two (possibly three) community fairs. For several of them I should be able to enter the same things. Unfortunately, a few of them overlap, meaning I would not get my entries back in time to send on to the next one, so I need more projects (husband, I see you shaking your head at me!). I also decided (today) that I am going to enter something into the State Fair of Texas. Once upon a time I lived there and have a love affair with their state fair (damn, I could be a rapper!), and since my own state no longer has a state fair (shakes fist at lawmakers), it seems right to go with Texas.

(the other reason I love fairs - CUTE AMINALS!)

So you may be asking why I am entering a bajillion fairs instead of just one or two. I am sure that part of it is that I plan my knitting like I order sushi: my eyes are bigger than my stomach, so I order enough to feed a family of four (and then force myself to eat it all, for leaving fallen sushi-soldiers is just plain wrong), which in this case translates into getting as excited as a four year old on 30 pixie stix and planning to do way more than I am capable of. But when it comes down to it, the answer is simple: ribbons. I want them.

I know I should be all “oh, it’s such a joy to share my knitting with other” (it is), and “I hope to inspire others” (I do), or "oh, it's so great to be a part of the community" (sure is), but really, I am a competitive bitch who loves to WIN. So I am entering in as many fairs as I can to maximize my chance of “making it rain” with ribbons. I'll let you know how it goes!

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