Jan 20, 2012

five + eleventy billion

At the beginning of the year, I was a woman with a plan. I called my plan "five + one," and the crux of the plan was that I would only have five projects on the needles at a time, with an optional "plus one" project for KALs or gifts or other such time-sensitive projects that might come up. I even set it all up on a white board - a list of projects on the needles, and next to that a list of the next projects in my queue. How could I fail? I mean, it's on a white board! And we all know that a white board makes it official, right?

Well, here we are, three weeks into the year, and it seems that my foolproof plan didn't take into account what a special kind of fool I am. My official five + one projects are:

1. Secret socks for Heidi
2. Agatha Christie plain vanilla socks
3. Gentleman's lozenge socks
4. arabella shawl (been OTN forever)
5. Glasier socks
+1: advent shawl

The secret, unofficial, if-they're-not-on-my-rav-project-page-then-they-don't-exist projects: a featherweight cardigan in wollmeise 100% and a felicity hat in some gorgeous handspun I picked up at the Ann Arbor Fiber Festival (from Wonder Why Alpaca Farm). It's a minor miracle that I don't have several others on the needles, and I can't guarantee that there won't be a few more in the works by the end of the weekend.

I've decided not to fight this acute case of startitis, but rather to just embrace it. I started the year waging war on two different knitting-related issues: project polygamy (casting on too many new projects when I have projects on the needles pining away for my attention) and buying more yarn than I have room to store.  I'm starting to realize that I just don't have the weaponry to fight both at the same time. In fact, I am starting to think that startitis may actually help me deal with my inability to walk away from beautiful yarn just sitting there with puppy-dog eyes, begging me to bring it home. The feelings associated with casting on a new project are rather similar to those of purchasing pretty yarn - basically a sense of "OOOOOH! SO SHINY AND NEW! EXCITING!" So basically I am getting my fix by casting on shit tons of new projects.

If this theory holds, my bank account should be beefier by year's end. Unfortunately, it also means I will be swimming in WIPs, and I'll probably have to buy more needles...


Rainy Daisy said...

White boards conquer all. Unless you brush past them too closely. Then you have some leeway to start more things. Maybe? In any case, it's a noble goal. And surely at some point, you have to get frustrated that you're not finishing anything, take a shot of whiskey and get some junk done, right?

I stopped counting my junk in progress, so I think you're like some kind of wizard or something.

H said...

If you buy needles at thrift store it doesn't count, and putting yarn on said needles also does not count!!


Anonymous said...

Ummm...you forgot about my blanket...BIG KISS

Your Husband