Dec 10, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

This is my favorite time of year. It starts with thanksgiving - the zenith of holiday meals - which moves directly into that bright and cheery, sparkly lit commercialized bonanza known as "the holidays." AKA christmas! I am that person who flips on the christmas music radio station the day after thanksgiving and then doesn't switch it off until they go back to playing shitty easy listening. I am also the person who leaves christmas lights on for half the year, the tree up until February and has all her shopping done by Dec 1st. I am the person most of you hate. I don't give a rat's ass. Hate away, it's the hap-happiest season of all, and I'm having a wonderful time.

I've recently been in the mood to knit stupid socks. As in, socks where novelty outweighs functionality. My christmas socks are prime example. They are based on the British holiday dessert christmas pudding - a boiled or steamed plum (or dried fruit) pudding that is often left to dry in a bag on a hook for weeks. Sounds delicious, right? Don't worry, it is then doused in brandy, set on fire, and then drizzled with a sweet cream sauce. Not quite as bad. I mean, anything that involves both booze and fire gets at least one thumb up in my book. While I did some growing up in England, and grew to love their food, I have to admit that the British desserts kind of baffle me (except for treacle pudding - that shit is pure gold). I had originally planned on making a hat based on this, but couldn't find a pattern that was sized for an adult*. If I was going to 'design' my own christmas pudding accessory, of course it had to be socks! I adapted the artichoke ankle sock pattern to make it look more like frosting, added on some holly and voilĂ , christmas pudding sock.

Oh yeah, they're that cute in person.
knitty gritty - adapted pattern (links above). brown: wollmeise twin in ebenholz; white: wollmeise twin in natur; green: wollmeise twin in 'oh tannenbaum'; red: wollmeise twin in ruby thursday. Added an extra repeat to the artichoke pattern to fit my big ol' feet. Used an afterthought heel and my generic toe.

In the spirit of the season, I am also knitting Kristin Benecken's 2011 Advent Shawl (Rav page). I wanted to knit last year's, but just didn't have the mojo for it. This year was shaping up similarly, but then I just went for it. Yes, it is taking up a lot of my knitting time. Yes, I am already a few days behind. However, I have made a lot of progress, I am using beads for the first time ever (LOVE), I am using stash yarn and the patterns are really fun! It's neat to get a different stitch pattern every day, and I really like the stitch sampler look of the shawl. I kind of feel like I deserve a parade for using stash yarn. I had REALLY wanted to knit this in a christmasy red, but didn't have any in my stash. Normally, I would just buy some, but I'm trying to turn a corner here, and that means not just buying when I have stuff that will work. So I went with the gorgeous DyeForWool silk/baby camel/merino blend in Hugin & Mugin that I had in my stash. The color works well for the shawl, as it reminds me of a cold winter's night (and I picked beads to look like snow). It is also impossible to photograph, but whatever. Here are the first two days (I am now on day 8):

I'm hoping to have it finished by the end of the month (by christmas would be great, but that may be impossible). The yarn is so fucking soft, I am going to lurve this shawl when it is finished! Of course, now I am queuing up a ton of other shawls with beads...

Which brings me to this: from Jan 1st through Feb 14th, the Wollmeiseholics group on ravelry will be having a big KAL (knit-a-long). Yeah, I'm organizing it, so this is of course a bit of self-promotion, but it'll also be fun. Details are in this thread. For it, I am finally going to start the evenstar shawl I have been planning on knitting for over a year now. I will knit it in Wollmeise Lacegarn in himbeere (PINK. very very PINK), and already have the beads for it. We'll see how it goes...

*Why is it that all the funny, cute, silly, goofy, kind of novelty hat patterns are sized for babies? Do designers think that adults wouldn't wear a hat that looks like a cooked turkey? Do they not realize that holidays = drinking heavily = perfect time to wear hats that make us look total asses? 

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Rainy Daisy said...

Seriously. Babies get all the good stuff. Except those socks. Those are going to be MINE.

cheers! :)