Nov 14, 2011

singular of sox?

Oof, two weeks since my last post, eh? That's no good... However, guess what I've been up to?! That's right, I've been knitting! After some marathon knitting - including knitting most of the drive up to Tahquamenon Falls for some too-late-in-the-season camping - I finally finished my Farmer McGregor Socks!

I absolutely fucking LOVE these socks. They were super fun to knit - definitely not boring, but also not ├╝ber-challenging - and CHECK OUT THAT POOLING! I have longed for pooling like that, begged for it, offered to sell my soul for it. Since I wear a women's size 11 shoe, I always have a pretty large cast-on count. Where the average 64 stitches seem to give everyone awesome stripey pooling when it comes to hand-painted yarn, my 72 stitches gives me blotchy, lame-ass pooling. This pattern (where I CO 80) worked its little magic and lo & behold, AWESOME POOLING. I am definitely knitting this pattern again, along with every other pattern in Alice Yu's new book (Socktopus - 17 Pairs of Socks to Knit and Show Off).

The knitty gritty - Wollmeise 80/20 Twin in Johannisbeer und Brennessel WD. Knit large size on US size 1.5 chiagoo needles, 3.5 pattern repeats for the cuff. ravelry project page

It feels really good to cross another WIP off my list :) But now, it's November, which means Christmas knitting. Ugh. Don't get me wrong, I love knitting for other people. I just don't like that I am a chronic procrastinator and always end up having to knit my ass off just to get stuff done in time (meaning I also don't get to work on anything for myself during that time). I want to knit myself some christmasy socks, but alas, those will have to wait. I'm sure I will remember this next year and start early. Heh.

Luckily, I seem to be rocking the Christmas knitting as well. I don't know where this productivity is coming from, but I'm not going to question it. I finished a gaiter (the male version of a cowl, in other words, the exact same thing as a cowl) for husband in time for hunting season - opening day is tomorrow - as an early xmas present. Looks cozy, doesn't he? I have to say, my hands were pretty damn cozy while I was knitting this.

Knitty gritty - Fisherman's Rib Gaiter knit with the luscious Malabrigo Rios in glazed carrot. CO 60 with yarn held double on US size 10.5 needles. I added flaps on either side of the bottom etch to tuck into his shirt (dickies, if you will... snicker).

Next up, I have one sock finished of Red Sox socks for my friend Liz.

This went fast. Two days fast. I've never knit a sock so quickly. It feels.... weird. I'm using Wollmeise for these in Ruby Thursday and Natur, and I am pretty geeked about how great the first one looks. I'm pretty positive that she'll absolutely adore them (here's hoping they fit). One down, one to go. Assuming I finish these before next week, I can guarantee that I will be itching to give them to her early. Husband is very familiar with this tendency of mine. Not only can I never wait to open my own gifts (November begins the perpetual and 5-year-old-like "so what'd you get me?" questioning), but I also cannot wait for recipients to open the gifts I have bought/made them (November also begins the perpetual "wanna know what I got you?" questioning). It's a problem, but I think it adds to my adorable charm.

In other news, I have to gush about how awesome my friend and dyer-extraordinaire Heidi is. First of all, I LOVE her yarns (Grant Creek Yarns). She has a great eye for color, wonderful bases, and just awesome technique. It is pretty clear from talking to her that she loves to dye yarn, and it shows in her products. Anyway, for a while I had been badgering her to dye up a yarn based on a typo of one of her colorways - Electric Bungalow (typo of Electric Boogaloo), which I envisioned as spectacular 70s wallpaper-inspired colors. She rolled her eyes and called me crazy, which is pretty fair. Anyway, I got a package in the mail from her a few weeks after my brother died with none other than Electric Bungalow in exactly the colors I had envisioned! Totally unexpected, totally overwhelming. I kind of teared up a little, as I knew that she did NOT want to dye these colors and as a result did so because she was hoping it would make me feel better. Basically, this is yarn dyed purely out of the kindness of her heart. :)

Oh yeah, did I mention it's on her Glimmer (w/sparkles!) base? I mad heart this skein, and immediately wound it and cast on. I have so far started two different patterns with the yarn and am still not satisfied - but the perfect pattern will be found! After the xmas knitting is done, of course... Anyway, here is a pic taken while camping up north of one of the attempts:

I love how the yarn matches the scenery. I am so very grateful to Heidi for being an awesome friend and a killer dyer :)

 I leave you now with another pic from our little camping trip. It was insanely cold, but at least we had the campgrounds to ourself! The photo is from our campsite, shortly before retreating into the tent to warm up!


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Funny...we have the same adorable charm. The kind that makes my hubs want to scream. (In a manly way)

Also, that skein is utterly kickin'.

Also, Yankees suck.

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