Oct 1, 2011

sock yarn blanket = ultimate expression of love

Husband and I have an ongoing 'thing' of trying to convince each other that we love each other more. I scored major points by having "I love you more" engraved on the inside of his wedding band. But then, he doesn't give me crap about buying shit loads of yarn, so I guess we're kind of even. I have a pretty consistent ace in the hole though. If ever the man needs proof that I love him (more), I just point at the huge pile of mini skeins of sock yarn and the in-process nugget of ridiculousness known as the sock yarn blanket.

I started this sucker in January. I thought: "Hey, I've got piles and piles of sock yarn. I also have lots of sock yarn leftovers. Is there any way I can convert these things into a GIANT PAIN IN MY ASS?" Ok, so the little mitered squares are actually pretty painless to knit. They're quick, there's a little bit of interest to them, and no purling or seaming. I am sure you're asking what the big fucking deal is then, right? Well, it's the husband. The only thing he has ever requested I make him is a blanket. a KING SIZED blanket. If you're not familiar, a kind sized blanket = THE SIZE OF TEXAS. I tried it in worsted, but it was too heavy and boring. I tried it again in worsted with a different pattern; again, too heavy and boring. So then I decided to do the sock yarn blanket. It would provide a ready excuse to buy more sock yarn, allow me to knit with all sorts of different yarns and colors, and would provide a little bit of instant gratification. Sounds like a good deal, right? Well, let's do some math.

My squares are about 2 inches square.
king blanket = 110" x 96" - so let's just say 100" x 100"
100" divided by 2" = 50 squares
50 x 50 squares = 2500 squares


That is a fucking ton of squares. Now, I have already decided that he is NOT getting that large a blanket. He is getting a 48 x 48 square blanket. So only 2304 squares. Much better. (you can't tell, but I'm rolling my eyes right now.) The idea is to make 16 12x12 square blocks and then (ugh) seam them together. It'll make knitting them easier, as I don't have to haul around a giant blanket, and maybe I'll get to 12 blocks and he'll think that's good enough. How far have I gotten, you ask?

Yup. One block. Just finished it the other day. Now, I'm pretty damn proud of myself for finishing this first block. It looks great, I'm not bored, and it'll be a good weight. Oh yeah, and husband digs it (as if he would be stupid enough to say otherwise...).

How 'bout some more math?

If I knit one square a day, how long will it take me to finish this blanket? Well, 2304 divided by 365 = 6.3 years.

6.3 years

Oh, and I am not knitting at that pace. My goal is to have it done by our 7th anniversary (we just celebrated our first). It's the "wool" anniversary, so it's fitting (I am REALLY looking forward to that anniversary, btw).

Even so, that's a fucking long time to be working on a damn blanket. Clearly, I love him more.


Husband said...

NO...NO...CLEARLY I LOVE YOU MORE...since I appreciate all your hard work on the blanket and I have enabled your "habit" of buying yarn..

Rainy Daisy said...

I think you win. It's lovely, by the way.

And at least it's not this: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/double-wedding-ring-quilt

Something like 2,000 of those little color strips that have to be seamed. Bollocks.


nelago said...

holy freaking hell batman! I mean, there comes a point where you look at a pattern and say "hm, maybe it would be easier to learn how to quilt"! Although it is a beautiful pattern... <---that ellipsis would be the path to the dark side

I bow down to your sticktoitiveness Daisy!

Heidi said...

The anniversary gift for seven years is wool? Hey, maybe that's where the term "seven year itch" comes from! (Obviously, it wouldn't be my wool...)