Oct 9, 2011

FO Finishing Frenzy!

The frenzy is only anticipated at this point. But I am confident that finished objects will be flying through the air any time now.

I have a pretty consistent cycle of working on/starting/finishing projects. It goes like this:

1. Cast on one project, all kinds of excited, work on it feverishly and monogamously
2. Get about half-way through above project, spot a new "must have" pattern or receive a new yarn that absolutely positively must be played with IMMEDIATELY!
3. Project adultery is a slippery slope, more and more projects cast on, until all needles are occupied.
4. *optional* purchase more needles, cast on more projects
5. work on all projects here and there, ignore a couple more than others
6. get frustrated and depressed that I haven't finished anything in SO LONG
7. dedicate myself to finishing projects, focusing on one at a time, until all WIPs are done!

I have just started #7. I currently have 3 pairs of socks, 3 shawls and one scarf on the needles. The blanket of death doesn't count. That's a lot to get done, and I am working really hard to NOT cast on anything new until I get shit done. I do have some Christmas gifts that need making, but I think I can take a shark bite out of my WIPs before I have to deal with those...

My current focus is a pair of socks that I had wanted to have finished before football season. Um... yeah. Anyway, they'll be done before we go to the Lions game we have tickets to in December - it's like my subconscious knew I'd fail in my finishing goals when I was making decisions on which game to go to. My subconscious is kind of an asshole.

I finished one sock the other day:

I love these socks (or more accurately, this sock). This is the absolutely scrumptious String Theory Colorworks Continuum (80% merino, 10% cashmere, 10% nylon), in the Pluto colorway. I love Caitlin's self-striping yarns. They knit up beautifully, the bases are lovely and the colors are great. She's also super nice about custom and special orders, which is so very nice for a yarn hoar like me.

I'm knitting them magic loop on ChiaGoo bamboo needles, which have to be the best bamboo needles I've ever used. Normally, I really dislike knitting with bamboo needles. The tips are often too dull, and the damn things feel like they could snap at any time. These ones, which I bought to bring on the flight to/from Europe, are pretty spectacular for bamboo. They don't do that scary bendy thing that leads to nightmares of stitches tumbling off of splintered needles, and the tips are decent. And of course they have the lovely ChiaGoo cables. I'm not saying these will be my #1 needles or anything, I'm still devoted to metal, but for bamboo, not bad.

So now I am going to go work on Lions sock #2 and watch some Toddlers & Tiaras to feel better about my life choices. Husband questions why I watch this show, but these types of reality shows exist only to make viewers feel superior, and non-viewers to feel even more superior. So to those of you who judge me for watching, fuck you, you're just as bad!


Husband said...

You're not knitting...just watching...busted!!!

Rasa said...

Oh what's a few projects on the needles...I like to mix them up a little...get bored with one...move to the next! I do get most of them finished eventually;-) I second the emotion on the ChiaGoo needles - wonderful and inexpensive compared to others!!!!

Husband said...

Well...that set of socks looks nice...back to work...no rest for the weary!!!