Sep 2, 2011

my name is nelago, and I don't swatch.

Any knitter with even a basic understanding of the craft will gladly expound upon the virtues of swatching if you ask her - and often will do so even if you don't ask. Any time a project ends up too big or too small, the first question inevitable is "did you swatch?" In many cases, this question is accompanied by a tone of patronizing superiority. Generally, my response is "fuck you." Well, that's my response in my brain - I'm not bold enough to actually say or type this to someone. I don't swatch. I did once, and it was incredibly boring. When I was done, I had yet to start. That is a feeling I can do without. I am impatient enough when it comes to knitting (reason #1 why I have not knit a sweater), so a swatch just makes it even more likely I will get bored and abandon the project. So no, know-it-all knitter, I don't swatch, and I don't plan to.

Now, this type of attitude requires a certain comfort level with frogging. I'll admit, sometimes I knit shit that doesn't fit. Had I swatched, it may have fit, but see above rant about swatching. So I am actually totally ok with frogging a project that doesn't fit and starting over. Yeah, it doesn't make sense re: my patience issues, but sometimes I just don't make sense. Deal with it.

So... my awesome stripey DK "my eyes are hazel, hellen keller" socks. Too big. I still need to figure out my ideal stitch count for DK weight socks, it seems. In addition, I attempted a short-row heel which turned out like total shit. So it was to the frog pond for the socks. I love the yarn, so I'll try again. This is how far I got:

You can't see all the holes along the heel, but they're there. Must figure out a better way to deal with that. I think going down a needle size will help all around. I'm not sold on the short-row heel, though. I did come up with a good method of remembering how to wrap & turn: if you're a girl, think back to when you were a kid and being taught to, ahem, wipe - front to back. When wrapping and turning, your yarn always starts at the front, and moves to the back. Just pretend you're avoiding a UTI.

Happier news - the weaving is going relatively well! I finished my malabrigo scarf, and it doesn't look half bad. The edges are an issue - I can't seem to get them clean and even, but I'm sort of getting better. I then warped some Sunshine Yarns luxury sport (merino + cashmere) in the colorway Boulder Flatirons, making a scarf for my mom (who LOVES the Boulder Flatirons). Pic of the scarf, pre-washing:

It is so ridiculously soft and lush. I really like the slightly looser fabric too (8-dent reed, same as I used for the malabrigo). I then started a similarly sized scarf for my grandmother, this time in Madelinetosh Pashmina, also sport and a merino-cashmere-silk blend. I'm using the colors Clematis and Thyme, and it's soooooooooo pretty. No pic right now, but will get one when done.

Why no pic? I'm having a travel-heavy month here. Last week I was in Chicago for a conference (I may or may not have visited the LOVELY shop Nina and bought some yarn... if you know me, you know whether or not I did). Right now I am up in the thumb of Michigan with the husband, supporting his hobby in the same way he supports mine (i.e., if I tell him he can buy a new gun, then I get to buy more yarn, right?). In a few days, we leave for Germany! Visiting family mostly, but also the mecca of yarn stores - the Wollmeise Brick & Mortar Store!!!!!!! <--- excessive exclamation marks are totally justified here. So anyway, my brain is a little all over the place.

Speaking of travel, I got some chiagoo bamboo needles for the plane, to mitigate the possibility that the TSA agents take my fucking needles away. I like them so far - the cable is close to their RED needles (flexible), and the join is fabulous. I cast on some vanilla socks to knit on the plane, in String Theory Continuum (I seem to be on a luxury kick here, these are merino-cashmere-nylon). The colorway is Pluto, that poor demoted non-planet, but really, these are my Detroit Lions socks. I hope they bring my team some much needed good luck.

Well, I will be back with many pics from my travels soon. Well, sort of soon. promise.

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