Aug 23, 2011

Weaving - First Blood

I have the best husband in the world. I know, I know, everyone says that, but I'm telling you, it's true. Proof: he got me a loom for our first anniversary! I have wanted one to try my hand at weaving for quite some time; you can only look at the beautiful woven shawls being shown off on Ravelry for so long before you reach the point where you cannot live without a loom of your very own. What I love is that he even said "I know that this is de facto enabling you [to buy more yarn, which you really don't need], but I knew you'd love it." Did you catch that? HE ADMITTED TO ENABLING ME!!! That means I have permission (not that I need it) and encouragement to go buy a shit ton of yarn, right? Well, that's how I'm reading it anyway. Wheeeeeeeeee!

So of course, I had to play with the new toy right away! My excitement led to a complete disaster:

Yup. That would be the remains of a failed attempt at warping. Lesson learned: take the time to read the fucking directions thoroughly. Second attempt still wasn't perfect, but good enough. The beginning of the scarf looks like shit (along the edges mostly), but that's part of learning a new craft right? I mean, how many shitty garter stitch scarves, rife with dropped stitches and other such mistakes, did I, gleaming with pride, present my mother with? I call shenanigans on any knitter who claims not to have done the same when learning to knit. ANYWAY, second attempt:

See? Way better. I am loving the color combination - Malabrigo Merino Worsted (the softest, cushiest yarn there ever was) in Whales Road and Polar Morn. I wish I could be all "blah blah weft blah blah draft blah blah warp blah blah measurements," but 1. I don't know what half that shit means and 2. measurements? are you fucking kidding me? I'm just happy I got the fucking yarn on there right, what do I care about measurements? It's a scarf. It's scarf length and scarf width. Maybe I'll measure it when I'm done.

Other works in progress - the Farmer McGregor socks are coming along nicely. I made it past the heel and have decreased the gusset, so now I only have a few miles of foot left to go.

Isn't it awesome? It's been a while since I was so excited about socks that cause hand cramping every other row. The project bag is by Bad Amy Knits - super cute, right? I wish my project bags always matched the project...

Another sock, this time a plain stockinette sock in 716Knit's DK weight self-striping yarn (etsy shop). This is a sample base, and I have to say I love it. I love her yarn regardless, I mean it's self-striping and the colorway names are all Buffy the Vampire Slayer quotes - it's like they were made for me! This one is called "My Eyes are Hazel, Helen Keller." If you're wondering, the quote is from the first season episode "Out of Mind, Out of Sight." If you have no idea what I'm talking about, go watch the show NOW. Fair warning, if you tell me you couldn't get into it or something, be prepared for me to tell you to fuck off. The sock:

I'm using size 4 (3.5mm) chiagoos, magic looped. After a little research and no swatching, I decided to cast on 56 stitches, and it seems to be working out ok. Next time I'll probably go with 54.

In other news, as I was typing this, I felt my cat, Gumbo, under the couch, attacking my butt, which she tends to do sometimes. She got so into it and in such a frenzy that she managed to shake the whole damn couch! I was mildly impressed. Then I learned it was actually an earthquake.

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